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The demise of so many shelter magazines in the last few years has been such a sad thing in my life.  I so love sitting in a favorite chair being inspired by beautiful spaces in gorgeous homes, or the creativity of designers.

Cottage Living was my favorite ever.  I truly miss it.  Despite the name, it wasn’t too “Cottage-y,” but the style was easy with great use of color.  Lots of Lee upholstery, so of course that worked for me – I love them.

Domino, another fav, is back as a quarterly publication.  In it’s reincarnation, it’s part shopping website with a little decorating thrown in.

Some of the people associated with the original Domino magazine have an online mag called Lonny.  I like it, but I forget about it.  Sometimes with all I ‘have’ to do online I don’t love more of it.

But in the last year of so, I’ve found a new printed love.

Each issue features only a home or project or 2, but I love every single one.  This month’s issue showcased a home in Buckhead designed by architect Peter Block & furnished by designer Joel Kelly.

Lime-washed brick, and a perfect combination of English & American.  To quote Rachel Zoe, “I die.”

Gorgeous mix of materials, with such inviting style.  I love the curve of the window juxtaposed with the steel.

The steel window design is carried into the kitchen eating area.  Seriously, everything here makes me swoon.  I love a bench at a dining table, & this one is perfection – a great look, & perfect size with the unexpected bistro chair.  And I love the lamps on the console.  Pretty painted cabinets as well.

Great detail in the built-ins on either side of the hood, & the pretty high gloss glaze subway tiles add the perfect element with the pretty wash on the cabinets.

The beams add such warmth to the dining room.  I am crazy for this oversized buffet with the wonderful art above it.

Most of the walls are plaster, which makes for such lovely color.  This spindle style chair – I don’t know it’s proper name – is one of my favorites.  I like it that they used a shot of color in here, & on that chair – it fits.  And again the creativity in mixing in the iron console.

The guest room is tucked into a corner of the house, which makes for a great architectural element in the room.  I wish I could see all the linens, but I love the windowpane plaid on the Euro shams, & the pretty embroidered throw pillows.  The detail on the skirted bedside tables is so cute, & they soften all the iron of the bed.

Holy cow, what a fabulous backyard before you even get to the gorgeous pool & incredible landscaping.

The master bedroom looks out over that beautiful pool.  Between that & every gorgeous thing in this room, this is my pick for favorite space.

The library was designed around a big map of London.  It’s nice that Kelly used some darker colors here, but still stayed in the color palette of the rest of the home.

Such a pretty combination in this garden spot of climbing ivy with manicured hedges around the fountain.

As I said, I just love every issue.  I can’t bring myself to get rid of them, so they are all in a stack in my library.  Because it’s just not the same if I can only see it online.



Libby Haynes