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Show Some #LocalLove on Labor Day Weekend!

  Labor Day is upon us, & to many it signifies the onset of Fall. But if you are in Texas, it doesn’t signify anything except that it still feels like you are living on the sun. August is just a garbage month – what does it really offer us besides 10x the amount of regular laundry washing smelly, sweaty clothes – so there is something that about turning the corner to September that makes you feel like you might actually still be alive at Halloween. I managed to pick the end of June to close the store, so between having a closing sale, then trying to move out & […]

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Stylespotting: Medallion Tiles

Patterned kitchen (& bathroom) tiles are coming on strong as a way to express your style in design, & I have to say, I love it! You know it’s become more mainstream when you start seeing it regularly in Instagram & Pinterest feeds. (You do have those, right?? If not, high five & I’m happy for you & your much more well-rounded life ;)) In the meantime, I’ll share some that got my juices flowing a little!   Along with the rest of the internet, I love the large scale medallion tile Studio McGee featured in this kitchen. (I mostly love everything they do.) It’s not just pretty, but the […]

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Easy Christmas Table Centerpieces

It seems I always wait until the last minute to think about a pretty centerpiece for the table for Christmas dinner – not the one that sits on the table during the Christmas season, but one that you can actually see your family & guests over/around, & that also leaves room for the important part, the food. I like natural elements, since that is such a big part of Christmas decorating, & I found some pretty ones that won’t make you cry trying to put them together.   This one is so easy but really pretty & colorful – limes, oranges, greenery, & what looks like berries from Nandina. But […]

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Pumpkins & Fall

We started seeing Christmas decorations being professionally installed around here the last week of October. That makes me grinch-y. No doubt it’s just a scheduling issue with the installers, but it’s still an affront to Fall, c’mon. We have had a couple of record-breaking temp days in November – in the 90’s! – so we need all the fall love we can get! So in that spirit, I took some pics of pretty fall displays on my trips to & fro. I love this pretty mix of pumpkins, gourds & greenery! Not to mention the beautiful front entry of this home. If you’re going to do a statement display, do […]

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Design Crush – Melissa Haynes | MH Design

I was looking through an issue of At Home Arkansas a couple of years ago, & came across a lovely home that featured Melissa Haynes of MH Design as the designer. At first I took notice because that’s my sister’s name 🙂 And my parents lived in Northwest Arkansas, where she is based, for almost 20 years. But then I was taken in by Melissa’s style. She describes it as a modern take on traditional & classic designs, which is just right for her signature look. I am nuts about what she did in the Tri Delt house at the University of Arkansas. This foyer is so crazy pretty – […]

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Modern Farmhouse Exteriors

A few weeks ago I had to pick up some treasure I found on one of the online yard sale sites in the Midway Hollow neighborhood of Dallas. Since that area isn’t on any of my regular routes, I wasn’t fully aware of the explosion of tear-downs/new builds. It’s happening more as you go further west away from Midway Road, since the area closest to Midway consists of a lot of ranchers on big lots that have mostly been remodeled in the last 10 years. You could really call it gentrification of sorts, since that area has typically been heavily Hispanic. Of course that’s not nearly the only area where […]

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Chinoiserie Style

It’s kind of hard to say whether you might be a fan of Chinoiserie style these days, since it has sort of become a more general term in design & encompasses so many different looks now. The style originated in Chinese culture, & became popular in colonial-era Europe in the 18th century. It is traditionally very stylized & a kind of over-the-top decor (in my opinion), but in more modern times is tied in often to Rococo style – cleaner & more updated. But still, a fairly broad description. Bamboo pattern is very typical of Chinoiserie. I love this mix of blue & green on white – bamboo, geometric, sleek […]

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Kitchen Hoods Make a Statement in Design

In kitchen design, functionality is important, but style might be almost AS important. For anyone that likes to cook but doesn’t like the sometime smells that can permeate your house, a quality hood is a worthwhile investment. And kitchen hoods really sort of set the style tone of your kitchen, IMO. As I was looking through inspiration ideas, I found myself leaning toward cabinet hoods, but this set-up is just wow. And how could it not be – it has everything going on! I like the shape of this hood & how it integrates seamlessly with the walls, set of perfectly by the gorgeous Walker Zanger tile backsplash. The stone […]

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Natural Elements – Indoor Greenery in Design

I love greenery indoors. In fact, I’m a little obsessed with greenery indoors – trees mainly. But pretty ones are hard to find, & even harder to keep alive.   My favorite, & the one that has been all the design rage the last couple of years is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. The big leaves are so pretty, & I love the ones that are kind of a topiary shape. They aren’t hard to keep alive, under the right conditions: they need lots of natural light, & they don’t tolerate overwatering. Currently I have 2 at the shop that almost died in my house – because where I keep placing […]

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Elegant Style with Red, White, and Blue

I am an unashamed flagophile. Is that a word? OK, flag lover. In any form – flying them, hanging them, framing them, folding them, decorating with them. I don’t have my collection out like I used to, but whenever I pull any part of it out – Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Election Day, (what did I forget?), any day at all – I am so happy. But I have to admit it’s tough to use that color scheme in decorating – in a way that isn’t kitchy.   But when I saw this House Beautiful pic of Kelly McDowell’s Ojai, California, farmhouse, I got […]

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