Accents in Black

Accents in Black

Accents in Black

A couple of years ago I clippped a feature from a house in Elle Decor that had ebonized floors – black, lacquered hardwoods.  I absolutely loved it.  The house was not cold or modern in any way like it might sound.  It was so appealing.  Somewhere along the way I lost the clipping, but it stuck with me.

The ebonized floors in this white kitchen allow it to have the clean, less traditional look than typical hardwoods would give it.

I would use these ebonized Saltillo tiles in my house in a heartbeat!  Stunning.


Black furniture kind of goes in & out of vogue, & we aren’t selling as many pieces here in the store now as we did several years ago.  I see much more of it in more modern furniture styles. But I find  a lot of rooms or homes that use black accents – doors, windows, etc., that add so much, even when there is no other black in the room.

Oversized iron frame windows & doors are very big in architecture & design now.  I love this look; it’s clean & fresh but works with a variety of different styles.





I clipped this home from the pages of the now (sadly) defunct Cottage Living last fall.  Everything about it speaks to me.  Initially what caught my eye were the doors and window sashes accented with black.  That takes a boring, blah room and gives it immediate personality and gravitas.  And it eliminates the expectation for “window treatments,” which can feel so affected & even stuffy sometimes.

The new furniture has a more clean twist, but the black floors and doors and windows add character to the room, as well as warmth.  And the black also pulls in the family antiques the homeowner wanted to incorporate while allowing her to express some of her own decorating sensibilities.

The sisal rug keeps the feel clean but give great texture and contrast to the black.  These are all the ideal elements to incorporate in a room for balance.

Here the homeowner has a black coffee table & dark accents to tie in the black doors.  The overall feel is sophisticated & “collected” instead of decorated.

This is nice that the big sash above the door is black as well as the door frame.  Fits in with the dramatic feel of the room.

These doors would be gorgeous in any color, but they look great here with the graphite walls.  The splashes of red make it!

I see a trend here.  Maybe I just love black doors?  This room pulls together such a great mix of elements – the slipcovered loveseat, modern chairs, antique iron table, Louis Philippe mirror, crystal sconces, antique tables – & makes them all work together!

The black built-ins are a striking backdrop for the neutral upholstery.

Where would you incorporate black into your design?  Or would you?















Libby Haynes