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Let Freedom Ring

I am a flag freak.  I have a collection of all kinds of vintage flags, framed flags, flag bunting, all manner of flagness.  American history was always a favorite subject in our family growing up – all of our Griswold style vacations seemed to have destinations like national parks...

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Painting Inside Bookcases

An easy easy way to add sophistication & visual impact to a room is to paint the back of built-in bookcases a contrast color.  I love this look. I love the symmetry in this room.  The rosy/salmon color inside the built-in bookcases makes a pretty contrast to almost all...

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Design Trend – metallic finishes

One of my favorite design trends in the last couple of years has been the use of metallic finishes in furniture & finish-out.  A lot of it, I think, is influenced by Kelly Wearstler.  Who wouldn’t like to have some of whatever is in her magic sauce??  She’s practically...

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Concealed Refrigerators

To go hand in hand with my kitchen fixation, I love concealed refrigerators.  Well, unless a great looking subzero that  you would NEVER want to cover is an option!   Wow, what a presentation THIS is!  I’m assuming this is all refrigerator/freezer.  Gorgeous!!   This is simply a beautiful...

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Outdoor Living (No Pool Edition)

The dream space I am planning to work on after I finish my dream kitchen is my outdoor space.  Much of that is dictated on the style of the house & the size & layout of the grounds, but it’s so fun to look at pictures & envision yourself...

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Sectional Sofas

We are big fans of Lee Industries here; we love their products for the high quality & great style.  They offer such a variety of styles & fabrics that we do a lot of special orders for clients.     One thing we get questions about & price out...

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The only description I can think of that accurately portrays our weather lately is schizo.  Seriously.  We get a couple of days of warm-ish temps, although more cloudy lately than sunny, then some kooky front comes roaring in & it’s 40 degrees colder in a 20 minute span.  ...

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Friday Dreaming

Since House is a retail store, sometimes weekends are really weekends, you know?  But still, Saturdays usually have a more relaxed vibe.  We typically have a lot of couples & pretty steady customer interaction, so when it’s anyone’s Saturday to work (we trade off so everyone gets some weekends...

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Villa Sevillano

I saw a snippet of this house – villa – on Cococozy, & I was intrigued so I wanted to see more. It’s in Santa Barbara, one of my favorite places.  And it’s on the market for either $19.5 million or $21.5 million – I found reports of both. ...

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