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My Sorority Re-do Project

I loved my time at the University of Oklahoma.  A big part of that was being involved in the Alpha Chi chapter there. The house has undergone not only an exterior renovation since I was there, but an interior one as well.  In my defense, that’s not so much...

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Lee Industries, our favorite sofa & chair manufacturer, is supporting the stores that carry their products this week with their Lee Loves Local week of events.  Lee, in conjunction with the lovely website, – also designed to promoted locally owned businesses – is promoting events this week the...

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Snowy Day

The rarest of rare days here – actual snow.  Not ice.  Not ‘wintry mix.’  Real, packable snow.  Meteorologists were calling for a ‘dusting,’ but almost everywhere got an inch or even more – with no concession of a missed call on their parts.  The good news is it’s melting,...

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Why I’ll Never Be A Famous Designer

I love helping our customers.  I love design projects, working with clients to help create spaces that they love & reflect their lifestyles & honestly, make them happy to come home, every time. Pretentious, impractical spaces aggravate me, like this kitchen from Gwyneth Paltrow’s & Chris Martin’s LA house. ...

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Painted Kitchen Cabinets

If you are new here, you might not know I’m kitchen obsessed.  I dream of my dream kitchen, where I cook meals that everyone raves about, & I waft around from appliance to appliance, cabinet to pantry with an never-ending smile on my face. One reason I will be...

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My friend Lauren came by the store not long ago.  We used to be neighbors, as well as competitors of sort.   My little neighborhood is sandwiched in between one of the highest income per capita areas in the country, which is it’s own township, & an upscale, pretty...

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Black – In or Out?

A couple of years ago I clipped a feature on a house from Elle Décor that had ebonized floors – meaning black, laquered floors.  I absolutely loved it.  The house wasn’t necessarily cold or modern, as you might expect from the description.  It was just appealing.  Somewhere I lost...

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Wallpaper in Your Dining Room

Erin from Elements of Style did a post recently on one of the Kardashian sister’s home, & every room had wallpaper – even in the kitchen above the cabinets, which is hard to pull off even if it’s tasteful. I love wallpaper, & I am so happy that it...

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Dark Walls

I really love the look of a room with dark walls, if you can pull it off.  It wasn’t so long ago that dark walls were only found in in Ozzy Osbourne’s house, or maybe in a goth-loving teenager’s room, ha. One of they key elements is the contrast...

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