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Steel Windows

I am always intrigued when I see homes that have incorporated big steel windows & doors in their architecture. The contemporary lines of the window here are softened by the pergola.  I hope this looks out onto a beautiful vista!   The look is definitely not limited to contemporary...

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The Bar is High

  I was watching the Today show recently, & they were discussing over-used words.  One that was tossed out was “obsessed.”  In thinking about it, I’m not sure I hear it a lot, but I might think it a lot!  But I’ve really always been obsessed with bar carts. ...

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Weekend Travel Inspiration – Big Sky

A few years ago my neighbor Julie & I, frazzled by the seemingly never-ending heat of a Texas summer, decided to go fly-fishing.  Nothing is more appealing to me in the midst of the summer scorching than the idea of standing in a cold cold river – I think...

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I Dream of Mudrooms

  I have a lot of great ideas for the house I’m going to build one day, but right at the top of my priority list is a tricked-out mudroom.  Most people have them as a catchall for kid stuff, but maybe it’s because I have dogs, or I’m...

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From the Trail to the Concrete

 In December, I lost my big friend, my horse Alamo.  He was 22.  For 12 years, he was my sanctuary in a sometimes tumultuous world, my bridge to breathtaking nature, my glimpse into the magic of the animal world. He was a gift bigger than words.  I miss him....

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Accents in Black

A couple of years ago I clippped a feature from a house in Elle Decor that had ebonized floors – black, lacquered hardwoods.  I absolutely loved it.  The house was not cold or modern in any way like it might sound.  It was so appealing.  Somewhere along the way...

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Do You Decorate Around Your TV?

I admit it, my tv addtiction.  I watch a lot of it, & I kind of love it.  There isn’t a tv in my bathroom, but that might be the only room where one isn’t present (yet).  So from a decorating perspective, the tv becomes the focal point of...

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Kitchen Redo from Elements of Style

I am a longtime reader & fan of Erin Gates’ blog Elements of Style.  Erin lives in Boston, & is a designer but also a lover of fashion & culture so her blog is always a fun read.  Just as seen through the internet, she also seems like a...

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