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Design Crush – Melissa Haynes | MH Design

I was looking through an issue of At Home Arkansas a couple of years ago, & came across a lovely home that featured Melissa Haynes of MH Design as the designer. At first I took notice because that’s my sister’s name 🙂 And my parents lived in Northwest Arkansas, where she is based, for almost 20 years. But then I was taken in by Melissa’s style. She describes it as a modern take on traditional & classic designs, which is just right for her signature look. I am nuts about what she did in the Tri Delt house at the University of Arkansas. This foyer is so crazy pretty – […]

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Online Design

As our Facebook following has grown, along with word of mouth (the BEST advertising!), we hear from so many people who are interested in our pieces but don’t live near Dallas. And we get lots of questions via phone & e-mail from people who DO live closer but are so busy & don’t have time to devote to shopping. So I am super excited that my long awaited vision of offering online design services to customers is close to coming to fruition! Our design rockstar, Hayley, helped me with a project for a customer, & I wanted to share it here to give an idea of what we’ll be doing. […]

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