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Pumpkins & Fall

We started seeing Christmas decorations being professionally installed around here the last week of October. That makes me grinch-y. No doubt it’s just a scheduling issue with the installers, but it’s still an affront to Fall, c’mon. We have had a couple of record-breaking temp days in November – in the 90’s! – so we need all the fall love we can get! So in that spirit, I took some pics of pretty fall displays on my trips to & fro. I love this pretty mix of pumpkins, gourds & greenery! Not to mention the beautiful front entry of this home. If you’re going to do a statement display, do […]

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Modern Farmhouse Exteriors

A few weeks ago I had to pick up some treasure I found on one of the online yard sale sites in the Midway Hollow neighborhood of Dallas. Since that area isn’t on any of my regular routes, I wasn’t fully aware of the explosion of tear-downs/new builds. It’s happening more as you go further west away from Midway Road, since the area closest to Midway consists of a lot of ranchers on big lots that have mostly been remodeled in the last 10 years. You could really call it gentrification of sorts, since that area has typically been heavily Hispanic. Of course that’s not nearly the only area where […]

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Dream House Checklist: Outdoor Showers

Now that the heat has settled in for our part of the world, anything cool is top of mind. With all the time we spend in the pool, I think about what would make things easier when I’m cleaning up. At the top of my list: an outdoor shower. When I first began going to the Round Top Antiques Fair, probably in the mid 1990’s (!), I worked for a group of home furnishings stores that focused on furnishings for ranch and lake houses (we are in Texas, after all). I had to convince my boss that it was a good idea to even go in the first place. Having […]

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Outdoor Living (Pool Edition)

  As it gets steadily more steamy outside, I stick my toes in the pool every couple of days to see if the water is warm enough yet to throw the floats in & start relaxing. So far I haven’t gotten past the first couple of steps, but a couple of more 90 degree days & it won’t be long. In the meantime, I’ve been perusing pictures of pretty pools in pretty settings. I love this one that Apartment Therapy featured because it’s dark inside. Something about that makes it feel refreshing & cool, & a little sexy. And the dark blue contrasts so nicely with all the white surrounding […]

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Front Door Curb Appeal

  One of my favorite things to do is drive through different neighborhoods, choosing details I love from exteriors – architecture style, materials, windows, landscaping. But often the thing that I seem to zero in on most is the front door – both style and color hugely influence the overall feel. I’m partial to a front door with windows, as opposed to a solid front door, as well as one surrounded by a decent-sized front porch.  Maybe it just feels more welcoming. And sconces. Every front door needs sconces.       This Hamptons Showhouse definitely has a coastal feel, but the doors translate beautifully to other style of architecture. […]

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