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Easy Christmas Table Centerpieces

It seems I always wait until the last minute to think about a pretty centerpiece for the table for Christmas dinner – not the one that sits on the table during the Christmas season, but one that you can actually see your family & guests over/around, & that also leaves room for the important part, the food. I like natural elements, since that is such a big part of Christmas decorating, & I found some pretty ones that won’t make you cry trying to put them together.   This one is so easy but really pretty & colorful – limes, oranges, greenery, & what looks like berries from Nandina. But […]

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Pumpkins & Fall

We started seeing Christmas decorations being professionally installed around here the last week of October. That makes me grinch-y. No doubt it’s just a scheduling issue with the installers, but it’s still an affront to Fall, c’mon. We have had a couple of record-breaking temp days in November – in the 90’s! – so we need all the fall love we can get! So in that spirit, I took some pics of pretty fall displays on my trips to & fro. I love this pretty mix of pumpkins, gourds & greenery! Not to mention the beautiful front entry of this home. If you’re going to do a statement display, do […]

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Natural Elements – Indoor Greenery in Design

I love greenery indoors. In fact, I’m a little obsessed with greenery indoors – trees mainly. But pretty ones are hard to find, & even harder to keep alive.   My favorite, & the one that has been all the design rage the last couple of years is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. The big leaves are so pretty, & I love the ones that are kind of a topiary shape. They aren’t hard to keep alive, under the right conditions: they need lots of natural light, & they don’t tolerate overwatering. Currently I have 2 at the shop that almost died in my house – because where I keep placing […]

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