Chinoiserie Style

Chinoiserie Style

It’s kind of hard to say whether you might be a fan of Chinoiserie style these days, since it has sort of become a more general term in design & encompasses so many different looks now. The style originated in Chinese culture, & became popular in colonial-era Europe in the 18th century. It is traditionally very stylized & a kind of over-the-top decor (in my opinion), but in more modern times is tied in often to Rococo style – cleaner & more updated. But still, a fairly broad description.

photo: CC AGK Design Studio

Bamboo pattern is very typical of Chinoiserie. I love this mix of blue & green on white – bamboo, geometric, sleek nightstands, & throw in the black French doors – in this bedroom.  It’s so clean & fresh & pretty.


photo: CC Emily Murphy

Bamboo furniture is very common to the Colonial era, but made fresh here against the gorgeous blue & white wallpaper on green ground. And the Foo dog lamps add a bit of whimsey, while bringing in traditional Far East design culture in a modern way.


photo: Society Social

Pretty pair of bamboo ottomans in white with navy upholstery, made youthful paired with a studded console against blue & white spotted wallpaper. Beautiful! And I’m a total sucker for blue & white porcelain anything, much less lamps on lucite bases! The bamboo mirror in gold is a great touch – it grounds all the blue & white.



This is a pretty way to modernize a bamboo desk – painted white with blue trim. The contrast of the navy Chippendale chair keeps it from being too sweet, & is gorgeous with the blue & white porcelain lamps. Really, you could use this anywhere – entry, living room, bedroom.


photo: chinoiseriechic.blogspot

Here Chippendale chairs are upholstered with a twist – gold patent leather seats pair with charcoal & white fabric give Chinoiserie a very modern take. Typically these chairs are only upholstered on the seats since they have a patterned back – brave to use the patterned fabric against the pattern on the back of the chairs. And not colors you ordinarily see paired, but it works here. I especially like the painted cabinets.


So much interesting going on here, in the best way! I love the olive green pattern on the chairs against the bright blue wallpaper – which is tied in with the back of the built-in cabinets. But then the coffered ceiling is a lighter & brighter green, although with the same tone of the chairs. Throw in a bright piece of abstract art, which is very unexpected but totally works. Really gorgeous.


photo: Chinoiseriechic.blogspot

This color scheme certainly is not for everyone, but perfect for a teen room or a guest bedroom. I love the geometric pattern on the pillows against the traditional Chinese print of the headboards & bamboo accents. Again, fresh, young, & modern.


photo: Mallory Fitzsimmons

The pink & green with the blue & white ceramic give this bedroom it’s Chinoiserie style. Here, updated with the geometric print of the window panels, which brings in the Rococo element of design. Really fun & current – not for the faint of decorating heart, however!


photo: Bloglovin’

Another blue & white ceramic lamp on lucite, this time paired with blue & white spotty chairs. Add a bamboo base table, all to give it Chinoiserie chic – especially when paired with the pretty neutral geometric print rug.


photo: Emily-Hertz-66

You don’t have to be fully committed to add Chinoiserie to your existing design. Blue & white ginger jars & vases are a timeless design staple, & you’ve probably noticed I really love it paired with green!


This big, bold blue & white wallpaper says Chinoiserie, softened by the floral & bird design. It’s so easy to do in a powder bath, where pattern makes such a great design statement in a small space. I think it’s so charming to use this look in a small bath.


photo: CC Chinoiseriechic

In a hallway, big patterns are more of a commitment – this look is a mural, really. I don’t know whose wallpaper this is, but I’m in love. The pattern & colors are so soft & pretty while still being a bold decorating statement. I think it does, however, call for more thoughtful design in the rooms off of the hallway, lest you get a funhouse kind of decor at work!


photo: DecorPad

I love this Greek Key design in the shower tile! While it’s a Chinoiserie look, this could really work in any aesthestic – just a beautiful & interesting detail.


photo: Tobi Fairley

And this gorgeous Greek Key trim on the stair runner, courtesy of Tobi Fairley. Kind of unexpected with the pattern in the carpet. I spy a blue & white ginger jar lamp on the table in the background, too. How much would you love to see this each time you opened your front door??



How pretty is this vignette in a kitchen? Easy, simple, but super stylish. It’s all in the details!


photo: Judy Lee Design

Azaeleas in blue & white urns? Yes, please!


photo: Bluehydrangea

Just in accents, Chinoiserie style is so pretty! Ceramic boxes, urns, & balls mixed with rattan for texture, silver for contrast, & orchids for softness. I love it all, & it’s so easy to do.


photo: Studio McGee

What an innovative, fresh mix in this entry! The raw wood table + the neutral hair-on-hide rug are totally softened by the blue & white ceramic urns, with a gorgeous abstract art piece on the wall (I spy a Carol Benson-Cobb!). Of course from Studio McGee – so talented!


photo: Katey McFarlan

I saw a post online recently where someone was selling empty Hermes boxes, & several people were ridiculing it. (Eye roll.) I was just sad that I came on the post too late to buy any of them. Look how pretty they are mixed with the blue & white ginger jars & gold accents in this bookcase. I love it. And see below for an inspiration pic I’ve had saved on my computer for literally YEARS.

photo: no idea

Wouldn’t it be so fun to have this decorating stash to draw from??? Not anything to do with Chinoiserie, but certainly very chic, & a perfect complement to Chinoiserie accents!


photo: thedecorista

I’m totally crushing on this mix of spindle chairs with animal print pillows against the backdrop of blue & white ginger jars. LOVE.


photo: Beth Connolly

This pretty blue spotty fabric vanity chair with it’s green skirt band adds just the right splash of Chinoiserie without overpowering any design aesthetic. Add the gold mirror with the blue & white orchid pot, & the details all make for a cheeky & bright Chinoiserie vignette.


photo: Beau Lifestyle

This incorporates more of a Rococo design feel, but still an offshoot of Chinoiserie. I just like that it’s pretty & clean but has such great style. Nothing better than a gorgeous entry, right? Knock them dead right inside the door!

What about you – do you have Chinoiserie style??













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