Concealed Refrigerators

Concealed Refrigerators

To go hand in hand with my kitchen fixation, I love concealed refrigerators.  Well, unless a great looking subzero that  you would NEVER want to cover is an option!


Wow, what a presentation THIS is!  I’m assuming this is all refrigerator/freezer.  Gorgeous!!


This is simply a beautiful kitchen.  The great pulls on the fridge are used throughout.  And notice how pretty the glass all around the top cabinets is.  I love the simplicity & color of the grey subway tile behind that gorgeous hood.


Swooning!  I love the dark grey color on the cabinets with the gold hardware, which is such a hot thing in design right now.  But here it feels fresh & updated – not too swanky!


This Alys Beach kitchen feels so fresh & clean despite the dark wood.  The windows & lantern provide not just light but a light feel.  I wonder if both of these cabinets hide refrigerator/freezer?


I love how big this is!  I can’t tell if the hardware is gold?  But you would think it is given the hint we get of the gold range & hood.  What we can see is great!


In this French kitchen, the cabinet around the refrigerator is free standing between lower built-ins & open shelving on the top.  It’s actually great design, given the large size of the stone hood over the double oven.  The fridge between the open shelving keeps the look from becoming to heavy & over the top, especially given the French details.


Usually anything mirrored is a go for me, but I’m not sure about the refrigerator?  But it truly does look like a piece of furniture, especially with the sconces on either side.


The design of this concealed fridge is not different from many others, but I like a lot of the details of this kitchen that go along with it.  Because of the brushed metal of the range hood & the FOUR pendants, a stainless refrigerator would definitely have worked, but it would have been so much metal.  The cream color of the cabinetry against the white walls gives softness as well as interest.  I love the old beams on the ceiling painted white, & the aged hardware pulls in the brushed metals.


Because I’m not a purist, & am very into modern conveniences, the biggest drag about a concealed refrigerator is the no water/ice dispenser in the door.  These lovely people apparently agree with me.  But it does really disrupt the look, doesn’t it?


The feel of this is a little cleaner since they used a more distressed wood & a natural finish on the cabinet concealing the refrigerator instead of carrying the white all the way through.  Pretty.

What do you think?  Conceal your fridge or no?




Libby Haynes