Dark Walls

Dark Walls

Dark Walls

I really love the look of a room with dark walls, if you can pull it off.  It wasn’t so long ago that dark walls were only found in in Ozzy Osbourne’s house, or maybe in a goth-loving teenager’s room, ha.

One of they key elements is the contrast element of light, whether it be from natural light of windows, or in the light bed linens, as shown here.  This is so pretty.  The mirrored cabinet is a great addidition, too, since it reflects the light.

Desk wall

When we revamped the store last year, I kept all the walls a really light neutral, but I picked Sherwin Williams Gibralter to paint the freestanding wall behind the desk.  We’ve gotten great reaction from customers.  I think one reason it works is that it’s the one dark wall in such a light space.  But it’s nice, too, in that whatever we hang on it really pops.

Isn’t this a great green Jeffrey Bilhuber used here?  Especially with the antiques.

This bedroom was designed very thoughtfully.  You can’t see if there are windows, but the white bedside chests along with the bed linens are a great choice.  The detail of the recessed light over the headboard with the large white mat of the art is very pretty.  And look how it accentuates the crown & door moldings.

You don’t see dark walls in bathrooms very often.  Of course here it’s only above wainscoting, but that’s really why it’s so pretty.  Notice they painted the ceilings dark as well, which keeps it from feeling too chopped up.  And of course the chandelier adds softness to the glam.

The dark walls are pretty here in this nursery.  You sort of expect them more in a look that is slightly glamorous, but I like it here juxtaposed with the Bamboo wardrobe & antique look crib.  But the white sofa & light crib bedding, along with the natural light keep it sweet enough for baby.

I wonder how many rooms this color carries into in this house.  I love the doors & windows (transom love) & so much natural light makes it easy to do, at least in this room.  Interesting color choices in the upholstery, but maybe they thought white would be too expected or uninteresting.  I wonder if it’s staged, or if it’s a showhouse somewhere.

I went through a great house on a home tour a few years ago that had a high gloss black study/office.  It was obviously the husband’s space, as it was very masculine with a mount on the wall, a framed map, & a zebra hide (although I have all those in various spaces in my house, ha).  They had painted the ceiling as well.  It did have 2 windows but was not overly light, & I loved it.  This den reminds me of that space.

Kitchens are dicey for dark walls, don’t you think?  I think they did it right here, but I wonder if they had used marble or something lighter inset above the cooktop it would have popped & added more lightness, or if that would have killed it?  This look definitely adds to the moody glam but I think I would have had to go lighter.  And that island – pecky cypress, which I really want to use somewhere in my life!

Oh Jeffrey Bilhuber, you steal my heart with that animal print chair against the dark walls!  But maybe a different choice in cocktail table?

I ripped this image right out of Atlanta Homes a couple of years ago the minute I saw it.  The gorgeous gold shelves – from Arteriors – are perfection against those walls!  And I don’t know that I’m a huge fan of a lucite desk, but it certainly keeps the room from going too traditional, & it’s balanced perfectly by the leather chairs.  Whenever my work allows for an office bigger than a cubby, this will be my model!

This dining room makes me weep with all the lovely.

Oh I love this with the yellow striped ceiling in the nursery!  Charming!

What do you think about dark walls?  Have you or would you incorporate them into your house?








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