Design Consultation

Our Philosophy

People have so many choices now in how to decorate and shop. Our goal is to offer to our clients something they can’t find elsewhere, that solves a problem or better yet, brings warmth & style to a space where it was missing before. We understand that it’s often difficult to visualize what you need in your space, & even more so to visualize the end result of all the pieces working together. Shopping online or even in many big stores, customers have to walk through that process on their own. We truly want to help with that, to help customers create an environment in their homes that enriches their lives. Our homes are our sanctuaries, so we not only want them to be beautiful, we need them to fit our lifestyles as well as make the best use of our space. Our goal is to help you achieve that, and have fun along the way!

Design Consultation

We can help you in the process of implementing your vision for your home in the way that fits you best.

In-home consultation involves a member of our staff visiting your home to help you with an overall vision of a particular space and with you put a plan together to achieve it! First we help you prioritize what to do when according to your budget and your needs. We believe in keeping pieces you like or that function well for you; whether it’s re-purposing, re-painting or moving things around to make you love them again. Other areas we offer help with are choosing paint color, art, rugs, accessory choices and styling. In-home consultations are billed hourly.

Shopping for you is also a service we offer. Whether you know what you like but are busy, need help finding the pieces or just don’t know where to start, we can look for you or go with you if you are local to find the perfect fit for your home. We also have local sources for window treatments and upholstery showrooms if that is part of your decorating process. Shopping is billed by project.

The Investment

Our goal is for every decorating project to be fun and inspiring for our clients, because we have so much fun doing it! We want to help you avoid costly mistakes or time wasted and bring out the full potential of your home. Whether if it is a room or your entire house, we want the end result to reflect your lifestyle and add joy to the place you come home to every day.


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