Design Trend – metallic finishes

Design Trend – metallic finishes

One of my favorite design trends in the last couple of years has been the use of metallic finishes in furniture & finish-out.  A lot of it, I think, is influenced by Kelly Wearstler.  Who wouldn’t like to have some of whatever is in her magic sauce??  She’s practically ruling the world.   She is uber talented, & I wish I lived such a glam lifestyle, but not so far.  Look at that island!  Whoa. When I began trying to mix metallic tables into what we offered at the store, I quickly became frustrated.  I could find really high end (i.e., expensive) tables that were really more modern in design than the look of the store.  I could also find tables with designs I didn’t really love combined with bad finishes – too brassy or somesuch. So I started looking for someone to make them for us.  And happily I found him.  It’s been a really fun part of our business since. We started with simple lines, concentrating on good layered finishes.  When we combined mirror with glass, it gave the pieces a softness & elegance that glass alone doesn’t have. Another design I really wanted to add to the store was a bar cart.  As I’ve said before, I love the presence of a bar cart in a home.  It doesn’t necessitate adult beverages – stocked with sparkling water, pretty glasses, & fruit, it lets guests know that you enjoy having people in your home & you want them to be comfortable. We also added desk designs.  This beauty was not here very long!  It could be used also as a sofa table, entry table, serving table as well. Once we had a bit of success, we began to branch out on our designs.  The Madison console has been a favorite because the curved stretchers add interest as well as softness to the simplicity of the table. Another favorite has been this Gramercy cocktail table. I was a little concerned that the Kip’s Bay cocktail table would be too pricey, given that it’s really 3 tables.  But happily, it flies out each time we have it. The success of the bar carts has been really fun.  Customers have responded very well to them, & we have customized them quite often for spaces that required other sizes. Recently we made this counter height desk for a customer from a desk design we have on the floor.  She hasn’t picked it up yet, & it’s gotten a lot of attention from customers! What about you?  Have you added any glam to your home?



Libby Haynes