Do You Decorate Around Your TV?

Do You Decorate Around Your TV?

Do You Decorate Around Your TV?

I admit it, my tv addtiction.  I watch a lot of it, & I kind of love it.  There isn’t a tv in my bathroom, but that might be the only room where one isn’t present (yet).  So from a decorating perspective, the tv becomes the focal point of the room – whether to hang it, hide it, decorate it, & how to arrange everything else around it.

At my store, “housing” the television and its components is always a hot
topic.  My favorite customers to help with this are couples, because
nothing else typifies the gender wars in decorating more.  It usually
goes one of two ways:  1) the husband has bought a television roughly
the size of a Smart Car which is sitting out in the middle of the room
and the wife is on a desperate mission to find a cabinet big enough for
it, or 2) the husband has scouted out his choice of media but has
somehow been restrained by his wife from purchasing it until the
appropriate cabinet is found – which actually gives her a say in the
eventual tv purchase based on cabinet choices (smart girl).

 When plasmas and flatscreens starting becoming commonplace, people would often remark in the store, “I guess no one is buying armoires anymore.”
In reality, there will always be customers who prefer for their media
not to be open to the room, and we consistently sell armoires that enclose the tv.  For us, part of that is the
number of options we are able to give people in cabinets that are now
not as deep and are more stylish than their predecessors.

As far as design in the room is concerned, an tv open in the room is a slightlier tricky propostion.  Over the fireplace mantle is a common place to hang a tv now.

This is so nice because the tv is recessed, & the sconces beside it make the positioning seem more deliberate & thoughtful.  Pretty.

I love all the detail in this room.  I might have been tempted to hide the tv behind one of those pretty cabinets with the quatrefoil mirrored doors!

What a gorgeous room.  I love the driftwood stained ceiling with the beams.  Because it’s a lower ceiling the tv is less intrusive.  So warm & inviting – great mix of textures.


In this room, the designer, Ashley Goforth, decorates as if the tv is not there instead of tailoring the room to it.  I love that.

Sliding barn doors hide the tv here – love it!

This is so pretty in a narrow space that is always challenging.


I love this tv/gallery wall in a bedroom, where you don’t necessarily need a giant tv & it can blend in almost with the art around it.  Very pretty.

I don’t know anyone who has it, but I love the idea of the tv being a piece of art (or a mirror) when it’s not on!  It softens & brightens the entire room.  (Antelope carpet is my favorite, too.)

But I really am drawn to a tv being in a built-in of some sort.

It’s only really practical in a study or a library, but isn’t this a gorgeous room??

We did something similar using old doors built in to hide the tv in a project I did recently at the Ranch at Possum Kingdom, & it turned out so great.  The doors added such character to a big open room with lots of windows that was kind of hard to warm up.

I don’t even know if there is a tv in this living room from the movie, “The Holiday,” but I really wouldn’t care!  I would so happy just to hang out with my people & a book.

What do you all think?  What’s your ideal tv sitch?























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