The only description I can think of that accurately portrays our weather lately is schizo.  Seriously.  We get a couple of days of warm-ish temps, although more cloudy lately than sunny, then some kooky front comes roaring in & it’s 40 degrees colder in a 20 minute span.



There is nothing I love more in cold weather than a great fire in the fireplace.  I don’t care if wood burning is trouble or messy or impractical.  A gas fire is just NOT the same.  My dream is to have wood stacks built in – they look so warm & inviting, not to mention the fact that you don’t have to bundle up & go out in the cold to get more wood!



While the seating here is much too far away from the fire for me, I love the vaulted ceilings with the pretty arched beams.  And the fireplace itself is pretty in that they carried the stone all the way up the wall.  The height & the white paint lighten the heaviness of the stone fireplace, & the 3 chandeliers add balance – instead of trying to use one oversized light fixture.



I love the simplicity of this fireplace with the marble surround inset in the paneled wall.  AND it has a built-in wood box!  I love love the faux andirons – but that probably means it’s gas burning.  It’s all beautiful.



I love this modern minimal look. And it’s wood burning!  My neighbor did this in his house – although this is a much better execution, ha.  His went a little too Las Vegas.



Whoa!  So much to love here.  Painted stone, flat hearth, mantle styling, zebra, & that clock!  Notice the great fireplace tools, too.  And THAT is a fire.



This room is very thoughtfully executed.  The details of the fireplace are really pretty – the arch in the stacked stone & mantle which is repeated at the ceiling. The built-ins are lovely, & the recessed ceiling is gorgeous.  I love the zebra stools.  These are faux, I think, & they look great, but years ago when zebra was quasi-affordable, I had 2 of these made for the store & they were stunning.



Of course I love this – it’s in Sonoma.  The rugged simplicity of the stone is so appealing against the simple design materials & lines of the room.  And these are my kind of people – they like to get up close to their fire!



I’m typically NOT a fan of the television over the fireplace, but here, as with most rooms, it’s how you put it all together that matters.  Isn’t this room just gorgeous?  The fireplace is simple with it’s marble surround and wood mantle.  But it really has to be with the coffered ceilings & built in bookcases with the inside back painted in that dramatic charcoal.  And the stools at the fireplace are the perfect detail.  The furnishings we are teased with a glimpse of are just beautiful as well.



I love this ‘salon’ by McApline Tankersly – one of my favorite architect/design teams.  So interesting that the room is really off-center, but that’s one of the things that makes it so charming.  The fireplace surround & mantle looks almost like an extension of the floor, which is perfect against the simplicity of the walls & windows.  I love the more traditional chest & mirror on one side of the fireplace mixed with the cleaner lines of the architecture & furnishings.  Really well done.



Everything.  Just wow.



This is a tease, too – we only get an idea but this fireplace looks huge.  I love the brick inside!  And just a great room with the slipcovers & the rustic beams.



Yummy room by Rachel Halvorson.  I am a sucker for inlaid herringbone design in a fireplace.  I also like the detail that the screen doesn’t fit perfectly over the opening.   Aren’t those doors hiding the television just perfection?  Really great room – beautiful.



Swoon.  Tracery Interiors, of course.  Dark walls & ceiling + herringbone in the fireplace + brass chandelier.  Fabulous!



I think this fireplace is probably non-working, but look how much warmth & charm it adds to this space, in spite of it’s small size.  And I love how the television is inset in the wall – nice detail.  The room has simple lines but such warmth in all the details, really, that make it very pretty.



This fireplace is really non-descript & unremarkable, & looks to be gas, but somehow it’s the focal point of the room in a great way.  Of course it’s perfect with the black doors, but this room is so narrow so the furniture placement would be difficult.  Whoever did this has a great eye – I love the arrangement as well as they pieces they chose.  Great room!

The takeaway is that a fireplace, no matter it’s size or grandeur (or lack thereof) is the focal point of a room.  It only looks better by how you decorate around it, so use yours to your advantage!  And just use it, period, & enjoy!







Libby Haynes