Fixer Upper Goes Mid-Century

Fixer Upper Goes Mid-Century

Yes, like most everyone, I am on the Fixer Upper bandwagon.

I heard of the show from Joni Webb on her Cote de Texas blog during the first season, and I was instantly hooked. Not only are Joanna & Chip Gaines fun & personable & authentic, they have a great design eye. I think the show kind of plays down Chip’s contribution in that area, but given that he was an established builder long before the show started I imagine he can hold his own.

The show has definitely given HGTV, which hasn’t really put anything interesting on in a long time, a boost. And of course, since the Gaines’ are in Waco, we feel a little bit of hometown pride around here.

One of my favorite things they do on each episode is make a giant image on wheels of the exterior of the house before the makeover started. It’s split in the middle, so Chip & Joanna pull it apart to reveal the home in it’s new incarnation.  So fun!

This was my absolute favorite exterior redo. Can you even believe it’s the same house?? I love that they rounded the dormers & put French doors in a dark stain in place of the windows. The addition of the porch & the pitched roof over the door is so pretty, & the circle drive, too.

I love her eye for the actual redesign of homes more than I love her furnishing aesthetic. (But look who is on tv getting rich & famous, & look who isn’t!) In the second season, Chip & Jo redid a house in mid-century modern style for a couple. That definitely isn’t her typical design style, or mine actually, but I loved it.
















How is that for some crazy before & after? Seriously, I would not have had the vision looking at this before!

















Great kitchen makeover, too! I love what they did with the ceilings, as well as the starkness of the black & white warmed up by the wood trim on the windows & french doors.

















But my favorite thing she did was the fabulous brass shelving in the kitchen! Just gorgeous & so current. And does a little painted brick go a long way! That is one of the quickest & most inexpensive updates.





















I loved the materials they used in the bathroom re-do. The concrete countertop could be cold, but the stained wood completely warms it up, yet it still feels clean.












It’s so fun to watch what they do with each house. I haven’t figured out yet who pays for the furniture, or if it’s just staged. There isn’t ever any discussion of that in the budget, & Joanna gets free reign so the homeowners always walk into a surprise.  Into the second season, HomeGoods became one of the sponsors, so I’m assuming they are now providing some or all of the furniture.



At the end of the second season, they embarked on the purchase of some property in Waco that included an old building with silos which they were planning to convert to a shop & move their existing retail location. They will probably be featuring that on season 3, but Joanna’s been posting the progress on her blog, & it’s now open. It’s getting tons of attention, as you might imagine, & I’m sure it’s super cute.



In the show’s intro they tell that they are realtors as well. And on their website, there is a link to info & pictures for Magnolia Villas, a subdivision they are building in Waco.  They are certainly surrounded by gold dust! I can’t wait for season 3!




  • Leigh

    do you know the name of the paint colors (the white and the blue)?