Friday Dreaming

Friday Dreaming

Friday Dreaming

Since House is a retail store, sometimes weekends are really weekends, you know?  But still, Saturdays usually have a more relaxed vibe.  We typically have a lot of couples & pretty steady customer interaction, so when it’s anyone’s Saturday to work (we trade off so everyone gets some weekends to themselves!) it’s usually enjoyable.

But I still wish I was having a little weekend (or more) getaway!

Like at the Solage Calistoga resort, one of the Auberge properties in Napa Valley.  Love.

As much cold weather as we’ve had in Dallas this winter – a lot, it seems! – I would love to be skiing in Telluride, too.

If I couldn’t stay at my sweet friends’ beautiful place, Turkey Creek, I would stay at the Peaks.  That spa!

Realistically, my relaxing will be a little more local.


Wish the ottoman wasn’t cluttered with magazines & the candles weren’t tipping in the candlesticks, but it’s better than it sometimes looks!

On a search for an innovative Christmas gift for my brother, my sister went with me to Craft & Growler, a cool little craft beer place in Fair Park.  We discovered Granbury’s Revolver Brewing Blood & Honey American Ale.  It’s a wheat beer, but tart & citrus-y.  We were both smitten, even though I’m not a big beer drinker.

I ended up getting him this growler (with a different beer).  I’ve had a growler from Whole Foods for a while that I haven’t really used, but it’s been getting a lot more use now that I found Blood & Honey. So that’s on my weekend agenda.

So aside from maybe one margarita (it IS National Margarita Day, after all), my weekend will probably not look much like a dream.  But with this pretty weather, I’ll enjoy it just the same.

Happy Weekend to you, friends!



Libby Haynes