Show Some #LocalLove on Labor Day Weekend!

Show Some #LocalLove on Labor Day Weekend!


Labor Day is upon us, & to many it signifies the onset of Fall. But if you are in Texas, it doesn’t signify anything except that it still feels like you are living on the sun. August is just a garbage month – what does it really offer us besides 10x the amount of regular laundry washing smelly, sweaty clothes – so there is something that about turning the corner to September that makes you feel like you might actually still be alive at Halloween.

I managed to pick the end of June to close the store, so between having a closing sale, then trying to move out & wrap up & move on while staying hydrated, I didn’t have enough brain cells to even remember the blog password, much less write anything worth reading. But I went to a trunk store at a local shop that I adore this morning, & it made me realize that while I miss the shop, I need to step it up & share some of my fav local spots with y’all! So whether you are staying in town or coming TO town this long weekend, I think I have something for everyone in this assortment of delightful local businesses!


I have fallen hard for the gorgeous shop & design studio from Caitlin Wilson on Henderson. Caitlin’s collection truly checks all the boxes – beautiful visuals & displays draw you in, & make it so easy to see your home being as serene & inspiring as her shop. Much of their offerings are lines designed by Caitlin herself – rugs, wallpaper, pillows, textiles, as well as furniture. Is your heart palpitating over the Leo rug in navy in this pic above?? And I want the Lucille lamp in Admiral Blue They also have a great collection of different patterns of ginger jars that I love so much!

I’ve been working on putting a new master bedroom together for myself, & I thought I had picked the fabric for my upholstered headboard until I spotted Quinn on CW’s website in navy linen. And really so reasonable – $695 in Queen. I had one made custom for a client recently & even with my trade discount it was over $800. There is lots of pretty art, too, to chose from – again, in really reasonable prices.  This adorable shop is now one of my regular stops! AND they are having a sale – 10% off sitewide through September 4.


Speaking of regular stops, don’t miss the most fun Favor The Kind (formerly the Gypsy Wagon) right across the street by the uber-talented Carley Seale. She has the magic sauce, for sure, with stores now in Austin, Houston, & Crested Butte. Such a creative mix, & it’s hard to leave empty-handed!



A little further down Henderson is the darling Coco & Dash, & sibling gift shop, Ciao CoCo!  The space itself is open & airy, & their collection is so charming, with a little bit of a global flair – accessories, lighting, some antiques, some furniture, & wonderful gift ideas, too.

Do you love these green & white bamboo lamps on lucite bases as much as I do? So pretty & fresh! Wouldn’t they be perfect on either side of my new Quinn bed in navy linen – a touch of Chinoiserie in my bedroom retreat!

Their pretty patio is full of faux bois! I mentioned this on a recent Facebook post for the shop, but not too long ago I bought something on a local neighborhood FB site, & when I pulled up to her house to pick up her front porch had an array of faux bois pieces. She was probably frightened that I stood on her walkway so long while I admired it! I love it so much. Don’t miss these wonderful shops from the mother-daughter design duo of Teddie & Courtney Garrigan! (Note: Ciao, CoCo! is having a sale – 25% off through September 8!)


If antiquing gets your blood pumping, then Lucas Street Antiques is perfect for you. Housed in a former printing factory, it has 60-something booths offering a broad spectrum of merchandise – American & European antiques, accessories, industrial, mid-century, & a surprisingly nice selection of art, with a mix of quirky thrown in, too. Recently purchased by Genesis Women’s Shelter, funds benefit their wonderful cause, so you don’t even need an excuse to buy – it’s like a donation!

This cute booth is one of my favs. She (I’m assuming) does a great job with displaying her fun mix of merch – pretty art, a touch of traditional, some Chinoiserie, animal print – I love it all!

Look at this fun offering of blue & white – at very reasonable prices! This booth also has a super cute collection of wrapping paper – I am going to gather a collection for myself so I will be ready for whatever gift giving occasion comes up, since I NEVER have good wrap when I need it, grr.

Full disclosure: this is my booth! I can’t quite get retail out of my blood, it seems. So I’ve had fun with it. C’mon, get shopping! (They don’t have a website, but they are on Facebook, & they are located at 2023 Lucas in Dallas, a block off of Harry Hines by the Market Diner – behind the World Trade Center.)


There is so much action happening at the four corners of Preston & Royal, but it’s just not on my regular route. However, when I was there a few weeks ago, the cute name of this clothing store drew me in. And let’s face it, no one has to force me into a clothing store.

I LOVE this shop. Really. It’s the perfect mix of boho, just flat-out cute, cool, & quirky. But all super wearable. You can pick & choose & you have something at home to go with it already, unlike some other stores that shall remain nameless. And they have a fun mix of jewelry that you don’t see other places, too, along with bags, shoes, & more.

Look, it’s like a Mexican dress but it’s not a mumu & you don’t feel like a hausfrau or that someone might ask you when your baby is due. Hit Cousin Earl asap, y’all!


Nothing in particular is on my beaten path about Lakewood (I’m scaring myself realizing that I sound like I’m agorophobic & never go more than 2 blocks from home), but I find myself in the neighborhood about once a week because there are so many great places that I can’t miss out on seeing regularly! I think anyone that has been in Talulah & Hess immediately adds this shop to their favorites list. You find wonderful gift choices (lots of gifts for yourself too, my friend, trust me!), great cocktail table books, jewelry, candles, seriously good art from talented locals, a wonderful children’s section, I can’t even name it all. (Their website is just the cover page, but I promise you will be happy you discovered this gem!)

This just hints at how seriously cute it is. Go now.

And while you are there, be sure to visit The Collective, a beautiful shop just a couple of doors down. They have developed a great following for their collection of original art by local artists, plus some rug offerings to die for, seriously. I had to run out the other day before I almost caved to a gorgeous rug that I don’t even have a place for!

Keep reading to see more of why I spend an inordinate amount of time in Lakewood these days.


Dallas has no shortage of incredible restaurants, for sure, so I hesitated to wade into the food world for this post, but Smoky Rose has quickly become one of my favorite go-tos. I’ve taken friends, my parents, strangers (not really), & to a man (or woman) it’s been a hit. Isn’t this outdoor area so pretty & inviting??

It is definitely barbeque-centric, but not your Uncle Buddy’s Q for sure. It’s DElicious, & the sides are YUM, & the sauces are crazy good – there is one that is mustard-based, & I swear next time I’m there if they won’t sell it to me I’m smuggling it out. But I’ll leave an extra big tip to cover.

It sits right across from the Arboretum (which if you have not been it’s a must-see, or even if you have, go again). And really, it’s as pretty inside as it is outside. I’m totally a sucker for a great atmosphere making up for marginal food, but this place delivers both. The only stink I hear is that when the weather’s nice, the outside area is kids-gone-wild. It’s ok, more wine please.


Even if it’s not anywhere close to breakfast, you must try cult-fave (& also fave of those of us not in cults) Hypnotic Donuts, home of Dallas’ original craft donuts, all trans fat-free. Trans fat-free donuts are a thing?? Why didn’t you say so?? And did you know donuts could even be “craft?” Well they can. You can choose from donuts like Evil Elvis, Espresso Yo Self, & Canadian Healthcare. And it’s not just donuts they make, as if that wouldn’t be adequate. They also do chicken biscuits, & regular biscuits that are not regular at all – meaning they are your dream come true.

And just so you would not mistake this for something ordinary, the picture is huge so that you will know that this, my friend, is a chicken biscuit. What?? This one has tater tots, but I think Olivia is more my speed – she’s a chicken biscuit just with honey. And the Down Home Biscuit boasts white peppered gravy with a sausage option. I. DIE.



And while I was zipping from spot to spot in Lakewood a few months ago I came on a house under construction that caused me to stop my car in the middle of the street & stare at all the gorgeous details, all while making little whimpering sounds of joy. The sign in front said Maestri Studio. Since discovering them I’ve been glued to their website & stalking them to hire me as one of their team (JK)(sort of).


But now, they’ve opened Maestri Gallery, which showcases their furniture collection, modern & unique accessories, & features work from international & local artists. Located in the Exposition Park neighborhood, which is a great enclave at Deep Ellum’s east end nestled up next to Fair Park. While it’s not a design aesthetic I work in, I think they bring a thoughtful modern curation to the Dallas design retail world. They want you to come in & “flamingle!”


OK, I could go on – but if you’ve made it this far I think you are relieved to know I won’t. I hope you have time to patronize these local Dallas gems! I would love to hear your favorites!






















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