I Dream of Mudrooms

I Dream of Mudrooms

I Dream of Mudrooms


I have a lot of great ideas for the house I’m going to build one day, but right at the top of my priority list is a tricked-out mudroom.  Most people have them as a catchall for kid stuff, but maybe it’s because I have dogs, or I’m in & out so much, or I’m just overly dirty, but I dream about my one-day mudroom.

This is so perfect.  The beautiful doors allow for it to be closed off when needed, & I would hope there is a big sink on the inside that we can’t see.  I love the slatted walls, too.

I am such a lover of transoms, & this door is gorgeous, too.  The slate floors make for easy clean-up & look pretty, too.  I love that the props are equestrian – “I’m off to ride, honey!”

Great old wood on this bench.  And the high wainscoting with the molding is really pretty.  I love the green contrasting with the Saltillo tile on the floor.  This family cross-country skiis, apparently.  Maybe I would be a lot more athletic with a mudroom!

Look at these gorgeous barrel vaulted ceilings!  I love the wood slats in the room itself next to the panel on the ceiling in the entry.  And shoe drawers – what a dream!  The storage baskets add so much warmth along with being so practical.

Perfectly laid out for a smaller space.  I love the use of different materials.  The tiles on the floor look like they are porcelain, & it’s often not easy to find good looking ones but these are pretty.  The stone walls make it so warm & inviting, & I love the color combination on the walls & wood.

This is my winner.  It has it all – lockers, storage, shoe shelves, Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor runner (we have their rugs at the store – love), & the sink.  I love the dark painted wood (is it black or charcoal?  or a combination?) with the pretty cream on the walls & clean white molding & ceiling.

What do you all think?  What do you want in your dream mudroom?











Libby Haynes