Kitchen Tile Focus

Kitchen Tile Focus

Kitchen Tile Focus

Kitchen tile is one of my favorite areas of design. I love looking at it, thinking about it, picking it.  And given how much time I’ve spent in the kitchen over the last few weeks, I’m in a kitchen state of mind.

Tile is such a nice way to give a focal point as well as add your personal touch of style to your kitchen.

Here this Moroccan style tile is used only as the backsplash over the cooktop range, & a creamy color subway tile is used around it.  I love the beam used as a hood front, too.


Here again this mosaic tile is used as a backsplash & run to the ceiling, with a contrast trim tile at the top.  It looks like the tile covers the entire wall.  The mix of blue & green is interesting, along with the same combination mixed on lacquered cabinets.

I love this handcut stone mosaic from New Ravenna.  I’m sure I wouldn’t love the price, but it is gorgeous.  Neutral in color but it still adds interest.  Most patterns of tile aren’t “pretty” like this is, meaning I don’t think that’s the first thing people think of when looking for kitchen tile.

This is a lot of tile & a LOT of color, but it works because of the creamy color cabinets & the amount of natural light.  It’s probably a risk for resale purposes, or even a risk in that you tire of it much sooner than you would something more neutral.

This is pretty & soothing.  I like the tile but I’m not sure I love all the other blue.  But it looks like this view is what you see from the family room so it is definitely a focal point.  I do like the detail of the shelf underneath the cabinets with the tile carried through behind it.

This Moroccan pattern is large, so the designer maximized it by using it with open shelving & not cabinets, which would chop up the flow.  I really like it with these cabinets – I wonder if they are cypress?  Pretty.


This mix of Cuban tile with the sort of seafoam green inside the open cabinets looks very youthful & fresh.  Maybe it’s a beach house?

This Moorish design has been a favorite tile design of mine for years.  I used it in a client’s Spanish style lakehouse at Possum Kingdom Lake a couple of years ago & I still swoon when I see it.  I don’t want to show it here because the installers ran it the wrong direction – sideways instead of up – & when I saw it I wanted to cry.  But the client was fine with it so it stayed.  The house has since sold & I wonder if the new owners think the designer was a complete idiot, ha.

Here is the same pattern in white.  I love it with the darker countertops – & they only ran it to the bottom of the cabinets so they could showcase grey on the walls.  Really pretty.

Here we don’t see a lot of the kitchen, but this is something I would probably pick for myself.  I like the square shape – a little updated from all the subway tile we’ve seen in the past few years – & the dark grout contrast that pulls in the dark countertops.  Maybe they are soapstone, which I love.  I wonder if they just used this all the way to the ceiling, on one wall perhaps.

This is another New Ravenna stone.  Isn’t it lovely?  We don’t see if they used it anywhere else, but it’s like art so I’m not sure you would need to. listed this as one of their top posts of 2013, so this image much have been appealing to many.  I like how fresh the green is, & the tile is so pretty framed out by cabinets above & on either end.

In this kitchen by O’Brien Harris, the marble countertops carry through to over the cooktop – love the hood, too! – & then they’ve used shiplap elsewhere on the walls.  Everything here is yummy – gorgeous cabinets & light fixture, too!

The simplicity of the subway tile is perfect here, since the focus is more about the cabinets.  I love how they’ve used blue on the lower cabinets & cream on the uppers.

These brick tiles are perfect with the dark lower cabinets & windows of this kitchen.  That marble-wrapped island – wow!  Everything here works for me – the shades, transoms above the windows, a settee with the  gorgeous oval table, & my favorite Lee dining chairs.  Love.

And really, that’s the whole point in choosing tile – balancing it with the overall design of the kitchen.  The kitchen is such a gathering place for families, because, really, we all love to eat & the experience is made all the better by pretty surroundings!










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