Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring

I am a flag freak.  I have a collection of all kinds of vintage flags, framed flags, flag bunting, all manner of flagness.  American history was always a favorite subject in our family growing up – all of our Griswold style vacations seemed to have destinations like national parks or battlefields or monuments or cities steeped in history.

Flags have always been part of my decor, too.  I almost always have a flag flying outside, & I love to incorporate anything flag indoors, too.



I’ve been so moved noticing around town the past week that people have started putting out flags & banners on their houses & in their yards for the 4th.

One of my favorite things is being out on the back roads of Texas – or back roads anywhere, as they seem to share this beautiful sentiment of love of country – & seeing flags adorning barns & gates & fences & old buildings.

No telling how many times I’ll get choked up tomorrow – I’m pretty sappy anyway; during the parade, eating whatever we end up grilling, during the fireworks, hearing patriotic music.  I love what the flag represents, & may our nation never forget what she stands for & those who died protecting that very thing.

Wishing your & yours a very happy & blessed 4th of July.


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Libby Haynes