Looking for Pretty New Homes

Looking for Pretty New Homes

Looking for Pretty New Homes

I’m often asked in the store what we call our “style.”  My answer always seems to be a lot of what we are not: modern, traditional, country, & not a mix of all those.  But maybe we’re transitional.  How’s that for a little bit of everything?

Over the weekend I was perusing the MLS listings, which, truth be told, I do more often than makes any sense, hoping for some inspiration & frankly, encouragement.  There is so much new construction going on these days in Dallas, & a lot of it is just not interesting, honestly. But praise be, I found some sweetness in a favorite hot neighborhood – Devonshire.



So much to love!  It’s new construction from cjb Signature Builders.  The listing says the front door is custom built at 9′.  I love the detail of the overhang over the garage doors & the front windows.  And while I’m not always a fan of a lot of different rooflines, I like how these add height to the front of the house without being choppy.  Using slabs for the front walk instead of a traditional concrete walkway looks so fresh & updated.



What a nice, open entry with pretty distressed hardwoods.  I’m guessing the french doors lead to a study or office; I like it the detail of being able to close it off.



Pretty view looking to the front doors from the inside.  I love the window detail above the doors!



I really like a house to have a clear view all the way to the back from the front door.  That sight line adds a clean visual & usually more natural light as well.  Here we also get a glimpse of the kitchen pantry on the right – what a nice feature!



Lots of nice design details in this room.  The built-ins flank the fireplace on each side.  I suppose the dark glass is in an effort to hide media equipment – maybe that needs to be changed.  The contrasting paint color on the ceilings is a nice touch, & I so love the modern transoms over the doors & windows looking out to the back.  My next door neighbor recently changed his fireplace to this style.  It is a little modern for my taste, but I like it here.



It lists Viking appliances, “exotic” granite, & marble backsplash. I appreciate that they used a different color on the island – an all white kitchen is sometimes too much – but this stain misses a little bit.  It doesn’t have enough depth of color.  And the white hood is trying a little too hard – a brushed stainless with a contrasting trim would have been interesting & different enough, not to mention very rich in texture.  But that’s just me being overly picky – I doubt any of these things will bother potential buyers.



I’m sorry to be negative, but this master bath gets a thumbs down.  Boo on the tile selection & countertops, & I really hate the cheap looking mirrors & sconces.



By contrast, they did a great job on the utility room.  These vertical wood grain look tiles are fresh & clean in this greyish/taupe-y color.  From the placement in the listing, I can’t tell if the laundry room is upstairs or downstairs. I do hear a lot of blowback from people who do not like the design of an upstairs utility room.  They say they spend a ton of time running upstairs to do laundry when it would be so much more convenient downstairs where they are most of the time – unless they are sleeping!



Pretty, pretty inlaid herringbone wood floors in this guest bedroom.  And I love that the roofline is carried through from the outside – great feature.

The other bathrooms upstairs are very plain jane.  I get that they are going for a transitional-to-modern (the builder – or agent – calls it ‘clean line living’)  look so they probably don’t want to scare anyone off, but just a little creativity would have gone a long way.



The back yard must be fairly small because the listing doesn’t show it at all.  But this porch area is very well done.  The fireplace design is carried over from the living room inside.

What do you think?  Over 4100 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 4 full baths, master downstairs, & the price is $1,270,000.  Would you go for it?







Libby Haynes