Our Bathroom Redo

Our Bathroom Redo

Our Bathroom Redo


The store moved into our Lovers Lane space in 2007, and when we did, we made some pretty significant changes to the interior of the store so it flowed and showed better. The space has apparently been many things in previous lives – at one point it was broken up into some mixture of tanning salon + wedding dress boutique + nail salon and maybe a little lunch spot, too. So we pulled out the restaurant equipment, and the row of cabinets + sinks that was in the middle of the store.  We added wood flooring that we found in a salvage yard – narrow strips with a 60’s orange-y finish. We went over it with a sander, and the result was a mostly unfinished wood finish with some leftover stains mixed it. It gets tons of attention and compliments – mainly I did it to warm up the space, and so I didn’t feel like I needed to have rugs like I would on the existing concrete floors. In the one little bathroom, we put up blue and cream patterned wallpaper over Home Depot’s version of wainscoting and hid the hot water heater behind a curtain panel.

In early 2013, we closed for a week and redid the inside – painting walls mainly.

But the little bathroom was passed over.

Until I saw someone’s post on a local Facebook yard sale group who ordered too much Osborne & Little Vintage Trifid and was selling her leftover.  It’s really one of those make-you-swoon a little kind of wallpaper – I wish I had the photo she posted of her powder room. It was gorgeous.


I couldn’t really justify the price, and neither could anyone else apparently. She reduced her price a couple of times then posted a “make an offer.” And that’s how our little bathroom got a makeover!

Bathroom 1


We gave the cabinet a Hollywood Regency makeover to glam it up, replaced the mirror with the pretty oval gilded Soleil mirror, and painted our faux Home Depot wainscoting.


Bathroom 2

(Sorry for the potty pic!) I’m still working on what to do about the floor!