Outdoor Living (No Pool Edition)

Outdoor Living (No Pool Edition)

Outdoor Living (No Pool Edition)

The dream space I am planning to work on after I finish my dream kitchen is my outdoor space.  Much of that is dictated on the style of the house & the size & layout of the grounds, but it’s so fun to look at pictures & envision yourself enjoying countless hours in your private oasis.  Or, if you live here, the hours spent out there might not be countless, but you would enjoy looking OUT at it a lot.



How gorgeous is this?  I love the curve shape of the rock retaining wall, & the slope of the lawn.  There might be a pool out here somewhere, but it’s so nice that it seems to be such a large lot with some privacy.



There are so many details to love here.   The limestone patio with the inlaid brick is really pretty & adds so much warmth.  And that stone dining table is wonderful!  So unusual.  Wonder what chairs they use?  The wrap-around built-in seating on either side of the fireplace is fabulous.  The blue & green cushions & pillows allow it to blend in with the natural outdoors.



I always love the look of brick with other elements.  Here the brick adds warmth to the almost modern feel of the stucco freestanding fireplace.  And again, the built-in banquette is such a nice touch.  It makes the design seem so much more personal & customized.



Sometimes I get a little weary of this mediterranean style, but from what I see here, I love this one. The freestanding fireplace with it’s pretty brick outlined arch is open on both sides – on one side is the outdoor dining area & on the other is the seating area.  The iron pergola is a beautiful detail, & I love the lanterns!  The fireplace continues the arch theme we see in the french doors in the background.  But the swoon factor for me is the creeping ground cover in between the stones of the patio – love!



This covered porch space is so inviting!  Hickory chairs hold a soft spot in my heart, & I love these oversized ones with the big back cushions juxtaposed with the more modern garden stool with the trellis cutout.  The white square faux bois planters are gorgeous with the big shaped boxwoods add more of an outdoor feel mixed in with the chandelier & the mirror over the fireplace.  I could spend a lot of time here!



This space has so many great details, too!  First, a herringbone brick fireplace is always a favorite for me.  I love the clean lines of the French doors on either side of it, with the little bit of stone running just a little bit up the clean white shiplap exterior.  Then you have the stained wood vaulted ceiling with the pretty arched beams.  On the 2 loveseats, the cream cushions tie in the colors of the fireplace & the stone, while the blue & green of the 2 chairs add a nice bit of color.  Really pretty!



Everything, just wow.  Great style on the chairs, cool cocktail table, painted brick, lanterns next to the fireplace, tin roof with beams, great light fixture.  I would love exactly this.



Of course you love this – it’s Mary McDonald.  It’s just so comfortable & easy but very chic at the same time.  Just step outside your French doors & relax.



I think this must be in California because no sane Texan would try to sit outdoors in an uncovered space that was not a pool.  I love the stairway & railing, & again, the herringbone brick for the patio.  And the awning style over the upstairs balcony is really pretty.



Isn’t this pretty?  More beautiful awnings, blue & white pottery, gorgeous topiaries, & crisp white cushions.  Even if it’s covered, though, it looks very high maintenace, don’t you think?  You can only work so hard to make sure you enjoy your outdoor space, or else it becomes a job!



Now this is a space with all the perfect elements – it includes a tv!  Because really, if I’m going to spend very much time out there at all, I need a tv.  And I like the mix of style in the furniture, too.  I love the detail of the sliding doors!



Many new homes have similar built-in set-ups like this one, so it’s not so unusual but I love it because it’s so practical.  If you plan on eating outdoors it’s so much more practical to be able to prepare it all there instead of going in & out to prepare it then hauling it all outside.  And again, they’ve used my favorite brick accent.

What about you?  Do you spend a lot of time relaxing outdoors?




Libby Haynes