Outdoor Living (Pool Edition)

Outdoor Living (Pool Edition)

photo: Apartment Therapy


As it gets steadily more steamy outside, I stick my toes in the pool every couple of days to see if the water is warm enough yet to throw the floats in & start relaxing. So far I haven’t gotten past the first couple of steps, but a couple of more 90 degree days & it won’t be long. In the meantime, I’ve been perusing pictures of pretty pools in pretty settings. I love this one that Apartment Therapy featured because it’s dark inside. Something about that makes it feel refreshing & cool, & a little sexy. And the dark blue contrasts so nicely with all the white surrounding it.


photo: Belclaire House | The Suzeday Files


So much of the appeal of pools is the landscaping. This pool isn’t large, but the fountain detail is a nice touch, & the well-kept trees & groundcover add a lush feel & softness to the hard surface surrounding it. Pretty chairs, too!


photo: Houzz.com


I love it when the grass runs almost right up to the pool. The oversized stone path is a great detail, as well. Plus the urns with the boxwoods give it a swanky Bel-Air hotel feel, like someone should be coming out to take your drink order shortly. We can dream, right? In the meantime, floating coolers.


photo: Houzz.com


Speaking of drink orders, how brilliant is the addition to this pool? Clearly this pool is a set up for those who entertain. This has a very Mexico resort vibe, don’t you think? Wish we had a bigger picture to know what else they had going on here – I bet it’s good!


photo: nestegg.typepad.com


Lots of pretty design details in this pool area, too. It’s darker, as well, and the brick surround adds elegance -as does the Chippendale style furniture. The fountain & urns are gorgeous too, but especially because they are backed by a wall of greenery! It gives such a serene feel.


I really like that the pool here featured in Atlanta Homes is offset, & isn’t the focus of the entire back yard but just adds to it.  You still have lots of green to enjoy & use. And what a fun family photo! Atlanta Homes is a great mag, by the way, if you aren’t familiar with it. It’s not huge, but there is so much great design in Atlanta & the nearby coastal areas, & their features never fail to disappoint.


photo: Olga Montano

So much to love about this pool & back yard! It looks as though the area isn’t all that large, & the fountains give the pool the feel of being more part of the back yard design as opposed to the focal point. The lounge chairs sitting in the water is a fun feature, & I really like the interest of the rock area that the furniture sits on, as opposed to a hard surface like stone or concrete.


photo: Summer Rinderspacher

The stacked stone terracing used here is really pretty, & the fountains add so much. You might just be content in a lounger, admiring your surroundings! Unless, of course, you live in Texas where you can’t be outside in the summer without literally being in the water.


photo: Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

This beauty is technically more of a pond, but what a dream! The organic shape is beautiful, as is the bridge & the stone path. And again, the grass that runs right up to the pool edge is gorgeous.


photo: buzzfeed.com

I love all the natural features incorporated in this pool. The tall, willowy grass with the area of lily pads is so pretty! And it looks like the pool wall is submerged on those sides, which I assume serves to keep those elements from spreading into the pool. I love how dark the water looks – like it’s an actual pond. And with the trampoline as a diving board of sorts, this pool is perfect for adults and kids alike!


This pool is another one that scratches adult design itches while being family friendly. I love the stacked wood diving platform, paired with the wooden platform at the other end – with an outdoor rinse station! Genius. And the yard is obviously large, but the pool is not huge, so again, is not the focal point. And the clean, simple lines make it seamless & serene.


photo: HGTV

This is another great adult AND kid pool set up! Yes, we should be able to go without tv, but how fun is this? Especially in the evening to be outside eating or relaxing for adults, while the kids still want to be in the water. Love.

What’s YOUR favorite pool feature?









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