Painting Inside Bookcases

Painting Inside Bookcases

Painting Inside Bookcases

An easy easy way to add sophistication & visual impact to a room is to paint the back of built-in bookcases a contrast color.  I love this look.

I love the symmetry in this room.  The rosy/salmon color inside the built-in bookcases makes a pretty contrast to almost all grey room.  Here, white or cream would have been lost, so this pop color was a great choice.

This dark contrast is more subtle because the built-ins are not that large, but I like that you see more behind the television.  It looks like in that area, at least, the back is paneling.  Love that.  And look how pretty the wood panel detail above each built-in is.

Everything here is gorgeous.  The dark inside the bookcases just ramps up the sophistication level so much.  And really, the room calls for it because of those incredible coffered ceilings.  The styling of the bookcases is tres glam as well!

I do try not to overuse this word, but really, SWOON.  I love that they used this gorgeous green with all the mix of blue prints – bold & beautiful.  Again, really they needed to, because how expected would just all white be?  Bo-ring!

In this study, they’ve used the same paint inside the bookcases as on the walls.  There is a lot of woodwork, though, & you end up with a pretty palette.  Great lighting, too!

I love the wallpaper inside the built-in!  It’s a great way to add pattern to your room, & be a little on-trend, too.  Typically, as in this space, it does not require a large amount of paper.  And if you tire of it, just paint over it.  Or instead of wallpaper, try a cute stencil like my neighbor Erin used – if you didn’t see it I put up some pictures on the blog a couple of months ago.

This is some serious focus on a cream tone in styling the bookcases.  The color is gorgeous against the grey background.  I’m a little confused about the proximity of the dining table to the living area, but that doesn’t meant the built-in colors aren’t great!  And I love the dining chairs, too.

The dark walls here – are they deep navy or charcoal? – necessitate the bookshelves being all white.  But it’s so crisp & fresh, & the walls accentuate the beautiful woodwork.

I love grasscloth.  It gives such rich texture & depth to the walls.  This color is very pretty, but it is really only set of by the great use of lighting.  Very nicely done.

I know this sounds so old-fashioned, but oh my word.  Be still my heart.  I am a fan of blues & greens together, & the tones here are all gorgeous.  Not to mention I am a complete sucker for wing chairs of any kind.  I would love to see the rest of the room to know if they carried the trim throughout, but I’m guessing not.  I can’t really tell if it’s painted or if it’s that dark driftwood stain.  This is almost like an art statement with how flat & simple the trim is outlining the blue inside the built-ins.  Love.

Have you done anything to jazz up your built-ins or bookcases?





Libby Haynes