Pumpkins & Fall

Pumpkins & Fall

We started seeing Christmas decorations being professionally installed around here the last week of October. That makes me grinch-y. No doubt it’s just a scheduling issue with the installers, but it’s still an affront to Fall, c’mon. We have had a couple of record-breaking temp days in November – in the 90’s! – so we need all the fall love we can get! So in that spirit, I took some pics of pretty fall displays on my trips to & fro.

I love this pretty mix of pumpkins, gourds & greenery! Not to mention the beautiful front entry of this home. If you’re going to do a statement display, do it right!


This is by far one of the most impressive displays around. Almost every time I drive by, there is a photo op happening – prom pictures, babies, entire families. I love boxwood balls, & the mix of pumpkins & gourds & mums – all the color & texture – is gorgeous. (This home actually belongs to a sweet & very generous friend of mine.)


I love this! Those GIANT white pumpkins! I think they are real, but I didn’t get out to do a field test. I took this before Halloween, & you can see the wicked witch legs sticking up out of the planter behind – so cute!


Highland Park Village goes all out for holiday decorations. This was during OU/Texas weekend. So fun & festive!


Such a pretty grouping among the pansies on this corner. The house is a beautiful old Tudor, & I couldn’t get a good picture but they cluster pumpkins & gourds around the bases of several more trees down the sidewalk, & it’s lovely. I like the cheeky black cat, too.


This is pretty in the way they built the stack vertically around the tree. Very creative, & this house is on a corner lot, so it catches your attention immediately.


I love the displays that make such a statement on either side of the front door. And more mixing in with the sculptured boxwoods – it’s just so European elegant.


Again I’m so captivated by the mix of textures & elements of the landscaping with this display. I love the color mix of the pansies with the pumpkins & gourds, & there is rosemary, ornamental kale, cedar, Japanese maple, & lariope – among the things I can identify. This house sits on a corner of a busy thoroughfare, & in her circular drive she has a vintage yellow pickup with a display in the back that changes seasonally – in the summer a big pool float & flowers, a witch at Halloween. It’s so fun & creative. While she was building, she purchased several light fixtures from us & was totally delightful.

Do you go all out for pumpkin decorating? Or are you in the get-the-Christmas-up asap camp?





Libby Haynes