I am excited to be part of this fairly new website whose concept arose from the familiar question, “Where did you find that?”  Their purpose is to highlight “real homes, shops & restaurants, designer spaces and inspirational places.”  Then they take it a step further, & show you where you can find the particular items you see, directing potential customers into local businesses.

One of the features I love is the City Guide.  Any time I travel, I spend some amount of time scouring my ripped out magazine pages in my travel file for places to see in a particular city, only to find it was from 3 years ago & who knows if those places even still exist.

I’m going to market in Atlanta in January, & this will make it so easy to find spots that really inspire me – and some great restaurants, too!

I already know I’m hitting Lucy’s Market!  If the creativity in the picture is any indication, it will be well worth the time.

I’ll post an update after my trip, but in the meantime, check out!



Libby Haynes