Sectional Sofas

Sectional Sofas

Sectional Sofas

We are big fans of Lee Industries here; we love their products for the high quality & great style.  They offer such a variety of styles & fabrics that we do a lot of special orders for clients.



One thing we get questions about & price out often for customers is sectional sofas.  Yet we don’t sell many.



I love this style of sectional, from Sheryl Crowe’s house featured in Architectural Digest.  Pretty clean lines, & the tufting adds a touch of formality.  Great for entertaining, but maybe not so great for tv watching, with the high arms.  We hear that objection A LOT from men.



I also love the look of the Chesterfield sofa/chaise. The lounge-ability factor here seems uber high.  My favorite spot in my living room is my chaise (not part of my sofa); it is so comfy.  (Plus, blue lacquered walls & bookshelves – gorgeous!)



We don’t see this one full on, but I like the double chaise.  The room is fairly large, so this works to fill space nicely.  Without the chaise, it would have looked sparsely furnished, or jumbled if the space was filled with several chairs.


I think the tricky part always with using a sectional sofa is preventing it from looking, literally, like the elephant in the room.  They ARE big.  You have to balance how you want to use the room with what the room will accomodate from a design perspective.  In this room by Tracy Hardenburg,  the area is large with different functions, so the sectional sofa adds continuity instead of several pieces making the room visually choppy.  Very cool!



Here, in another room by Tracy, there are several different areas to fill.  Again, the sectional gives the room gravitas, where using a sofa & chairs would have created too many chopped up areas.



In this pretty room, the sectional is the only seating.  It works nicely, I think.  The room is not all that big, so the sofa adds a feeling of warmth & intimacy.



This room has great functionality as well as style.  The big ottoman/coffee table works to put your feet up from any part of the sofa, & other seating around the sofa makes it easy for any size gathering, yet nothing looks crammed in.  Sometimes using small-ish furniture in a smaller room ends up making everything look small, whereas bigger pieces make for better scale.



I have no idea what else is going on in this room, but everything we can see is great looking.  Pretty neutral look & good flow.



My favorite look is the sofa/chaise.  There is something for everyone.  Now whether they can get to the part they want is another issue.

Truth be told, we don’t sell that many in the store.  Cost might be an issue – you are basically getting 2 sofas, so you are paying for 2 sofas.  And without a good eye for scale & design, it’s tricky to visualize whether a sectional is right for your room.

What do you think – sectional or traditional sofa/chair arrangement?







Libby Haynes