Snowy Day

Snowy Day

Snowy Day

The rarest of rare days here – actual snow.  Not ice.  Not ‘wintry mix.’  Real, packable snow.  Meteorologists were calling for a ‘dusting,’ but almost everywhere got an inch or even more – with no concession of a missed call on their parts.  The good news is it’s melting, so fingers crossed it won’t be icy tomorrow.  But it does make me think of winter thoughts.  And then some.

If it’s going to snow, wouldn’t it be lovely to be in Paris??

Or if it’s going to be 19 degrees plus snowy, we ought to at least be skiing, right? (Telluride, my favorite.)

I’ve never been to New York City in the winter, but Bow Bridge in Central Park would be one of my destinations, especially in the snow!

When I enter my fur coat stage of life, it will be really hard to narrow it down, but wishing I had one today. (Don’t e-mail me, PETA.)

I have a pair of Columbia snow boots, but I need a serious upgrade, like these cuties.  We’ve all discovered by now that although Uggs might be warm, waterproof they are not.

This is a yummy looking snow day outfit from Polyvore (except, avoid the snow!).

Here is the boho chic snow day look from Polyvore, too.  I’m totally digging the red boots!

Was this for real?  And if so, what happened to them?  We should all have them here!

And what is better than a fire to add to an already beautiful room?  I know a lot of people prefer gas to wood-burning, but I would rather put up with the mess, & hauling the wood in, just to have the warmth of the real thing.

And then there is the most important thing – what to eat.  Grilled cheese & tomato soup when it’s 19 degrees out? Yes, please!

And because it might ice over, call for delivery.

It’s supposed to be 61 on Saturday.

I hope it’s a good day where you are!



Libby Haynes