Steel Windows

Steel Windows

Steel Windows

I am always intrigued when I see homes that have incorporated big steel windows & doors in their architecture.

The contemporary lines of the window here are softened by the pergola.  I hope this looks out onto a beautiful vista!


The look is definitely not limited to contemporary architecture, as you might think.  Here, the Mediterranean structure is complemented by pretty French furnishings.  Look at that floor!

What a fabulous kitchen! Very Provence, or Napa Valley.  I love the beam over the windows, & the floor!  It typifies the idea of bringing the outdoors in.

The arched windows in this room are gorgeous. The furniture is fairly clean in it’s lines, but warm in texture. The beams on the ceiling add to that feel.  What a pretty garden to look out on.

Here the lines & look are definitely more contemporary.  The walls in between each window add interest without distracting from the view.

Here the homeowners have used steel doors on their Juliette balcony.  The architecture looks Mediterranean, & the iron doors are softened by the climbing flowering trellis all around.

This is from Tara Dillard’s Garden & Home blog.  Isn’t it just wow?  I would love to see the rest of the house, but this is all she features.  Great vision by the person who thought of using these doors with this interior. I love everything I see here – the French pieces in the dining room with the zebra rug, the Lucite bench under the desk in the living room, the rug in the entry.  And notice the interior shutters that can close the glass off for privacy, or just for beauty’s sake!

The arch over these doors add softness as well as interest.  I love how the homeowner has added the sheer panels on each side of the door, with the rod running straight across the arch.  I would obsess over whether that looked ok for-EVER!  But really, it’s hardly noticeable, & the sheers make a big difference.  Great beams, too.

This house is not too far from me, & I’ve always admired it.  Although you can’t see it very well (!), in an update they put in arched steel & glass front doors.  It’s not what you would expect with the English manor style, but it’s really gorgeous.  I didn’t think they would appreciate me running up their circle drive to take a close-up of their front doors!

What do you think?  Would you use steel windows or doors in your house?






Libby Haynes