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Show Some #LocalLove on Labor Day Weekend!

  Labor Day is upon us, & to many it signifies the onset of Fall. But if you are in Texas, it doesn’t signify anything except that it still feels like you are living on the sun. August is just a garbage month – what does it really offer us besides 10x the amount of regular laundry washing smelly, sweaty clothes – so there is something that about turning the corner to September that makes you feel like you might actually still be alive at Halloween. I managed to pick the end of June to close the store, so between having a closing sale, then trying to move out & […]

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Chinoiserie Style

It’s kind of hard to say whether you might be a fan of Chinoiserie style these days, since it has sort of become a more general term in design & encompasses so many different looks now. The style originated in Chinese culture, & became popular in colonial-era Europe in the 18th century. It is traditionally very stylized & a kind of over-the-top decor (in my opinion), but in more modern times is tied in often to Rococo style – cleaner & more updated. But still, a fairly broad description. Bamboo pattern is very typical of Chinoiserie. I love this mix of blue & green on white – bamboo, geometric, sleek […]

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