The Bar is High

The Bar is High

The Bar is High

Jan Showers


I was watching the Today show recently, & they were discussing over-used words.  One that was tossed out was “obsessed.”  In thinking about it, I’m not sure I hear it a lot, but I might think it a lot!  But I’ve really always been obsessed with bar carts.  This Lucite & mirror one from Jan Showers is gorgeous.


This Lucite one with the wheels is less imposing, but very pretty.  I love the peonies (& the starburst mirror)!


To me, having a bar set-up in your home tells guests that you enjoy having people over.  While this skirted table is not a cart, it serves the purpose & this is a beautiful space!

Really anything can be made into a bar cart.  Here a vintage table with wicker holds a gorgeous silver tray stocked with all the things you want for an outdoor summery get-together.

This clean lined cart has a more intimate feel to it – maybe stocked with the owner’s personal favorites to relax with before dinner.  Love the books!

Phoebe Howard styles this bar with a slightly exotic feel.  It’s so pretty & practical, and how easy is it to use the skirted table as your bar?  Maybe take a few things away when you aren’t having people over, but the staples can stay.

Of course you could always go with a built-in bar. It’s definitely the more practical option if you have kids! The arched doors add to the charm of the space.

Another more simple style built-in, but it packs a punch.  This looks like a restaurant bar!  Wow.


I love how this one is placed against the pretty wallpaper to make such a good visual. So appealing.  The style of the cart & the vintage-y art give it a mid-century modern look.  And decanters make a bar so elegant & sophisticated. Of course, I forget what I’ve put in mine & spend a lot of time taste-testing; can be a little dangerous!

Unusual mix of wicker on top of the bamboo look iron. I wonder if the wicker is a tray that can be used separately? Or maybe it was added as an afterthought?  But the stem holders & bottle holders are a nice addition.  Very practical.

I am always drawn to this bamboo look, so this is one of my faves.  The serving pieces on the bottom shelf really warm it up.

I like the style & placement of this one in that it is part of the furniture in the room – end table for the sofa.  Just reach over & mix yourself a cocktail without even getting up!

Williams Sonoma Home

Very masculine cart with the wood handles. Gorgeous etched glassware makes gives it a very Ralph Lauren feel.

The photo doesn’t really show much of the cart, but it’s pretty. The appeal is the styling & how well it’s stocked!

Another faux bamboo style. Everything here is beautiful! I love it against the dark wall, & that stemware with the gold is to die for.  The lemons in the bowl add so much warmth & texture.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles offered the essential entertaining set-up for any bar.  With the exception of brand preference, it has a great mix. is a great resource for everything entertaining.  This is a helpful chart for figuring quantities.

The Matchbook Girl obviously entertains for bigger crowds, so this is extensive!


Here is one of the best uses for a bar cart – in the bathroom!  Not only is it practical for storing towels, it adds a little spa feel to your bathroom & makes you feel like you are treating yourself!


These are a few of the bar carts we sell in the store.

DuBois Bar Cart

Connaught Bar Cart

Gerard Gold Leafed Bar Cart

Nicoline Serving Cart

I have a somewhat large cart in my dining room that I’ve had for years & love.  It’s dark woven, & the shelves have sagged from the weight so I have an elaborate system of trays propped up on various things.  What can I say, I’m attached it to it.  I’m my own worst customer!

What about you?  How do you set up for entertaining?



Libby Haynes