The Powder Room Goes Bold

The Powder Room Goes Bold

The Powder Room Goes Bold

Like painted furniture, wallpaper goes in & out of vogue in design.  Right now it is very in.  There are some beautiful papers to be had now, & the bolder the better, it seems.  I love the idea of using one in a powder room, & you don’t have to be constrained by the décor in the rest of your house.

I have a hard time committing to bold prints, but in a powder room it really appeals to me.  Isn’t this perfect here where you get a shot of pretty color & pattern under the stairs from the entry?

LeSueur Interiors

Very high drama here in this powder room.  With this big pattern in the wallpaper, the designer was smart to paper the ceiling as well.  Pretty vanity with the marble top, too.

Such a pretty room!  The antique look (or feel) of the table turned vanity keeps it from looking too contemporary, but it is still fresh.  The homeowner was resourceful in using a wall mount faucet, since the piece used for the vanity is not deep enough to accommodate the sink & the faucet.

Again, a very fresh & youthful look, & I love all the different elements by Connecticut-based Nightingale Design.  The bold wallpaper with it’s dark ground could overwhelm the space, but the other elements balance it out.  The mirror feels like because it is bordered by mirror, not framed, so it’s not heavy looking.  And the brass hardware & sconces give it a an unexpected twist.

I love this one!  The paneling on the walls with the wallpaper above makes it feel so light.  The mirror that is mounted out from the wall so it can sit over the paneling is a pretty element, too.  And the paper is great, so pretty!

The same design elements are used here as in the powder room above, but with bolder graphics in the wallpaper.  I like that the paneling is cut out above the sink to accommodate the mirror in this room.

Everything about this powder room is gorgeous!  Aside from the beautiful paper, isn’t the sink just a dream? I love it.  And the smallish mirror is perfect because it doesn’t distract from or overwhelm the busyness of the wallpaper. It makes me want to see the rest of the house!

Here the homeowner has chosen what looks to be an antique table for the vanity, & the pretty bowl sink sits up quite high.  And the faucet is a wall mount, again, probably because the table wouldn’t allow for it once the sink was in place.  I might have chosen brass for that with everything else that is going on, but overall it is pretty & airy.

This is from HGTV’s Sarah Richardson.  I like her style.  And I’m a bird print person so this appeals to me.  Do the  sconces on the side walls seem too large? Maybe a fixture over the sink would be better – although the zinc certainly works with what she’s doing.

Love the chinoiserie chic!  I love the vanity with it’s backsplash with this wallpaper!  And this could go in so many styles of homes – traditional, transitional, eclectic.

This powder room also has a chinoiserie feel to it.  Beautiful paper.  And the bamboo lanterns add interest alongside the tortoise mirror, which is a great shape.  Pretty hammered sink, too!

I don’t know that I would be brave enough to do it, but isn’t this landscape wallpaper amazing?  It’s from the Ritz Carlton,  “English Landscape” by de Gournay.  Set off perfectly by the paneling below it.  And this sink style is really pretty. The floor choice is a little curious to me, but maybe it looks better when you see the whole room instead of this little snippet.

Our friend Susie Brennan, a designer who we often refer to our customers at the store (she used to work here, too), used this fabulous China Seas paper in her powder room.  Can you see the pretty mirror with the floral trim, & the wonderful Turin chandelier?  (You can get those here!)


Moroccan-themed tile is very hot now – high-end showrooms like Ann Sacks & Walker Zanger offer selections that are to die for.  This Mark D. Sikes designed bathroom was featured in House Beautiful.

I love how the colors all come together in this entry – wonderful Oushak rug, interesting use of tiles on the stairs combined with the “Missoni” look wallpaper in the powder.  So fun!  And that lantern is one of my favorites.

I saw so many really bad powder rooms researching for this post that I was tempted to do a whole separate one called, “Whoa – why would you do that?”  I was going to give you a taste, but I was afraid it would burn your eyes.  Yikes.

How about you?  Are you comfortable using big bold wallpaper prints?



Libby Haynes