Thoughts Behind Store Purchases – and a few new ones

Thoughts Behind Store Purchases – and a few new ones

Thoughts Behind Store Purchases – and a few new ones

One of the most fun things I do for the store is the merchandising.  I love having a vision for the look of the store, searching for the pieces our customers want but adding our touch, then putting the presentation together.

When I found this set of antique dining chairs I almost jumped up & down I loved them so much.  That painted finish – the leg style – the framed back – the white contrasted by the nailheads! Sometimes when things look so good in the store I just want to put a ‘sold’ tag on them so everyone has a chance to see them!  But that sort of defeats the purpose of it being a retail store.

When I found this mid-century style cocktail table with it’s mirrored top out on a buying hunt, I had to think about it.  First, it’s not really our “look,” but then again, our look is hard to pigeon-hole.  People ask me all the time what style I would call it & I just don’t have one word or one phrase.  But style is much more a personal mix today than in years past, so ultimately I decided to do it.  It looked great in the store, & it was gone within a couple of days!

Because I work in the store with customers, & also do decorating & design work, I listen a lot for what customers look for in furnishing their home.  Of course there isn’t any one formula, & we can’t be all things to all people, but certain pieces really appeal to people.  These Lee armless slipper chairs in CoCo Caramel were the object of much affection.  The pair works in so many places, & the fabric is just delish!

So to that end, here are some pics of a few new pieces from the last week, & why.

My apologies that I had to take this picture through the front window – I couldn’t get a good angle on it inside.  I’ve been trying to get this piece made for almost a year!  I just love the demilune shape, & the doors.  Really, it can be used so many places – dining room, entry, big bathroom.  My original idea was for mirrored doors, but apparently curved mirror is very expensive.  Of course it is – otherwise why would I like it?  I haven’t given up, though!

We carried the Spanish chest in a walnut finish for a long time.  A couple of years ago I put it to rest because the look started to feel so heavy.  But then it showed up in this finish called Dust, & it has a whole new life.  Now it feels more antique-y French than heavy Mediterranean.  We only had a couple of them the first time, & they were not here long at all.  Finally, we’ve gotten it again.  Easy to use in an entry, bedroom – even as a big bedside, or dining room storage.  And you can add a piece in a light finish to freshen up your space without feeling like you have to get rid of every dark finish in your house.

We sell benches well in the store.  A bench is so versatile.  This one bumps the standard bench fare up a notch with the raised ends.  Typically, people like benches for the end of a bed, or an entry.  (They are great at dining tables, too, but often an all wood bench is more practical.)  This one really can be used for extra seating in a living room because you have somewhere to lean so your back doesn’t start hurting after 5 minutes.  And in an entry, you could easily add an end table & lamp for more of a styled presentation.  Or by itself with a gallery wall all above & around it would be gorgeous.  And great fabric, too!

This console, it turns out, is the belle of the console ball.  This particular one sold in a day or two, & if I had had 10 more since it’s been sitting here I could have sold every one.  The size is what’s so great, first of all – 72″ long by 36″ high but only 12″ deep.  That depth is really hard to find.  And I’m a fan of added height on a table – that really gives it more presence.  This comes in a variety of stained & painted finishes, so it’s a keeper (on the floor, I mean).

This Savoy counterstool in Bradstreet was a special order for a customer, but we all loved it.  So often people think because it’s backless it is uncomfortable to sit on for any length of time, or will look unimportant or under scaled in their kitchen.  But this one shows that not to be the case; so much style here, & comfy to boot!

This dining chair with the wings is another style I’ve been trying to get on the floor.  Here I’ve just used 2 as captain’s chairs, which is a look I love.  However, if you have a big dining room or a big dining table, sometimes you need chairs that have something going on so they don’t get lost in the room.  This style does the trick!

I’m sorry the outside light makes this so dark.  Now this bookcase isn’t going to set the world on fire, but open bookcases are so hard to find!  I have one similar to this in my living room because I already have a big cabinet, & I needed another piece with height but not necessarily weight.  It’s a great piece for books, obviously, or in a bathroom, dining room, or even a mudroom for kids’ things.

This is the closest I’ve come so far to replicating my antique dining chairs with the framed back.  It’s just such a great detail.  Almost everyone struggles with what style chair to put in a dining room if they already have kitchen chairs, or vice versa.  You need them to be different, so details matter!  Or if you see the dining room from your family room & there are already a number of upholstered pieces in the mix, you need them to be different.

So just a few of the thoughts that run around my little brain about the store during the day!  I’ll keep on getting good ideas & feedback from our customers so we’ll always have new things coming down the pike.

I’d love to hear your feedback on some of your needs & likes – please leave them in the comments!













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