Wallpaper in Your Dining Room

Wallpaper in Your Dining Room

Erin from Elements of Style did a post recently on one of the Kardashian sister’s home, & every room had wallpaper – even in the kitchen above the cabinets, which is hard to pull off even if it’s tasteful.

I love wallpaper, & I am so happy that it has made a resurgence.  It all but went away for a while – except for, well, just bad ones.  Since it is typically a focal point, you have to be careful where you use it, in my opinion.  I did a previous post about wallpaper in the powder room.  That’s a perfect room for it because you get a lot of bang for your buck, & you can go bigger & even more outrageous in some cases than you would be able to in any other room.  Unless big & outrageous is just your style, right?

My second favorite choice for using wallpaper is the dining room.

Kelly Wearstler made this trellis paper popular, & it still makes me swoon, even though it’s starting to trickle down to the knock-offs in not so good ways.  It’s gorgeous here – I’m sort of surprised I like the room in this color way because a few years ago I thought if I never saw anything in gold fabric again I would be happy.

Wonderful dining room by Phoebe Howard.  The large scale of the pattern in the wallpaper might be too much if it went floor to ceiling, but it’s perfect over the wainscoting.

This might be a Phoebe Howard room again, but I’m not sure, but that would explain why I love it.  And it also might be a hand-painted paper, ka-ching.  The velvet chairs are perfect in here.

I can’t imagine that I would have picked this Gracie Chinoiserie wallpaper on it’s own, but seeing it in this room makes me love it.  And everything else in here – the big patterned gingham chairs, one of my favorite fabrics, along with the Chippendale end chairs are just lovely.  It’s a great mix of style with just enough formality.

The wallpaper in this dining room by Sarah Richardson with the sheen is very on trend, & beautiful with the velvet bench seating.

Brooke Shields’ Manhattan townhouse was in Architectural Digest last year, & the dining room featured Zuber’s Les Lointains wallpaper.  Perfect choice of lamps on the buffet.  And I like the marble tabletop – vintage table by Ralph Lauren so I won’t object over the carving on the base.  This would be somewhat difficult to pull together to get the right balance but she & designer David Flint Wood certainly did.

Gorgeous muted mural wallpaper by John Jacob Interiors.

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes you can just be a little outrageous with wallpaper.  This mural paper is really lovely here, & I especially like the effect the painted chairs have – adding a little whimsy & taking the formality down a notch.

Again from Sarah Richardson, this paper has a slight metallic sheen to it.  Because in a dining room the chairs are typically the only other opportunity for using a pattern, you can more easily mix bolder prints.  I really love this mix – elegant but whimsical, too.  Florals are not so much in right now, but this is a great way to use them!

Would you wallpaper your dining room?  Is your dining room already wallpapered?  If so, shoot me a pic!





Libby Haynes